Lots of places to go see….  If you’d like to be here or have a suggestion for including a link here, just email me at ac1138@coventry.ac.uk or use the form on the contact page.

http://www.helsinki.fi/cradle/index.htm  The Centre for Research on Activity, Development and Learning at the University of Helsinki.  The home of Engeström’s expansive learning theory.

http://www.coventry.ac.uk/ame/ The Institute for Advanced Manufactural and Engineering at Coventry University.  A unique partnership between industry and education.

https://www.uiin.org  The University Industry Innovation Network, which has already featured the AME at a recent conference.

http://www.education.ox.ac.uk/research/osat/ The Oxford Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research (OSAT) is convened jointly by Professor Harry Daniels and Dr Ian Thompson.

http://dmll.org.uk Dedicated to innovation in teaching and learning, often utilising new or current tech to assist, or focussing on topics like gamificaiton, co-creation and flipped learning to improve the student experience at Coventry University.  

https://twitter.com/alison_covuni  Me on Twitter.  The work account.  You can probably find a link there to the personal accounts – one for politics (only approach if you like a left-wing stance on everything), others for handmade jewellery and Humanism.  Really I’m quite a multi-tasker!