Hello.  This will be a Coventry University domain built by myself, Alison Rowland, to track my adventures looking at Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT), Developmental Work Research (DWR) and Engeström’s expansive learning theory.

I may be shortly embarking on a PhD looking at the application of expansive learning theory to the work being done in the unique partnership between Coventry University engineering department and Unipart, where students and employees work and learn together to create innovations in the automotive industry.

If you’re not sure what CHAT, DWR or expansive learning theory is, there will soon be pages you can visit with some introductions and links.

If you’d like to comment or link to your own work or site (preferably something to do with a related field), please use the links on the right.

More to come – watch this space….


Header image by Albert Gustaf Aristides Edelfelt: Women Outside the Church at Ruokolahti / Women of Ruokolahti on the Church Hill (1887)

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